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It's never easy to deal with the death of a close friend or loved one. That's why Robert Wrynne Solicitors offer to help ease the burden by taking on and clarifying all legal issues relating to the individual. We can see to it that wills are carried out and that the legal issues of probate are followed through properly and with care.

Power of attorney and administration:

Upon someone's demise it is necessary to sort out any administration related to them. Among this is the appointment of power of attorney. This ensures that a close friend or relative can act on behalf of the deceased in order to enact their will, including appointment of guardians. Robert Wrynne Solicitors can help with the legalities of this process, to ensure the deceased's desires are carried out as accurately as possible.

Inheritance and assets:

Robert Wrynne Solicitors can also aid with the matter of inheritance and assets owned by the deceased. It is always important that anything specified in the deceased's will is followed closely. For this reason we offer services regarding asset transfer, estate administration, inheritance tax and pensions. If you need help or advice concerning the legal issues of a will or probate then Robert Wynne Solicitors can serve you.


Our service to you:

We offer a friendly and efficient service with a free initial interview to ensure that you are always getting exactly the right service